Travel Designer for Education, Art, Culture & Adventure Travel
Travel Designer for Education, Art, Culture & Adventure Travel
I have been traveling out of India for last 20+ years. When I travel?
I travel for education, art, culture, and adventure.
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Emotional Intelligence & Life Skill Trainer
Emotional Intelligence & Life Skill Trainer
Power, courage, and confidence backed by
emotional intelligence and life skills add a
great value to every human.
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Fashion Designer & Counseling
Fashion Designer & Counseling
Fashion is not at all buying expensive fabrics,
stitching and then wearing.
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Khyati Birla says (Certified Personal Empowerment and Life Coach)

Khyati Birla

I know Shalini Mundada since FY 2000. She is not only my designer but also a go-to person for all things fashion. One of the finest Indian designers (that I know of) who instead of forcing me to wear her designs understand my personality, my likes, and dislikes and goes the extra mile to create a look that is not only different and experimental but also something that I can carry comfortably. She makes our dressing discussions fun and I can always sense her efforts to understand and give me that spot-on dress is it western or conventional. I have no qualms in stating that I have enjoyed wearing her designs. You should try her work for sure.

Amruta Pravin Zanwar says (Work in own printing press)

Shalini Bhabi is a person to whom it is difficult to describe in one Paragraph. I will just tell something which is the best part of her. She is the best in all field like designing, ideas, etc. I design all my dresses from her, for each and every event. She is also designing my wedding outfits & trousseau which is almost ready.

Amrita Bagga Says (Retired Professor of Pune University)

Amrita Bagga

Shalini, as I have known her through our limited interaction, is a well-balanced, neat and a smart girl.

Aashish Rathi says (Arena Animation Training Institute Owner in Pune City)

I know Mrs. Shalini Mundada personally as well as professionally. At personal front she is very friendly and easy to communicate with. Mrs. Shalini conducted multiple soft skills sessions at our Academy(Arena Animation Training Institute in Pune city). All her sessions were well taken by our students and faculties. Her sessions were creative , fun, interactive and easy to understand to all of our students. Her strength is in her knowledge about various topics and the way she delivers them.

Mahima Mehra Runs business and social service organization

Mahima Mehra

Shalini is an extremely creative person with plenty of new ideas and the potential to take her ideas forward. She is confident and yet very calm and composed. She has been able to balance her family life and professional life correctly. She is forthcoming and always ready to reach out where ever she can help genuinely.

Naina Hirani says

Naina Hirani

From the time I know  Shalini! She has always had a great smile on her face. A wonderful person and someone who know how to achieve things.

Rachana Lal says (Lawyer)

Rachana Lal

Shalini is one of the designers which I know who really put one’s personality in their ensemble. Shalini is very passionate and dedicated to her work.

Ruhi Berry says (HR Professional)

Shalini is not just a designer but a dear friend. She tends to forge strong bonds with most of her clients which helps her to understand the needs of her client and deliver in accordance. She is knowledgeable in her field and tends to put her heart and soul in each of her creation.

Shobha Indani says (Cookery Specialist & Trainer)

Shalini is smart, a powerful communicator, classic convincer and she know how to convince her customers to the point for their needs. She is calm, smiling & humble.

Manisha Bhandari says (Home maker)

Manisha Bhandari

Shalin’s working style is fantastic. Every time she gives new pattern & designs as per the market trend. Different clients different needs. She gives customised solutions for everyone.

Chaitalie Bora Says (Interior Designer)

Chaitalie Bora

Shalini is helpful, great fashion designer, carry in-depth knowledgeable and very friendly.

Sheetal Patil Says Owner of educational institute & coaching

Sheetal Patil

Shalini is committed to her work. She is a natural communicator to teachers & to students. Shalini creates rich and industry relevant contents and her contents and her communication style inspires teachers and students too.

Chhaya Pravin Parmar says Home maker

Shalini is a very sweet friend of mine. She is a well-known designer who knows her work perfectly and satisfies her client needs according to their taste. Shalini is very simple and soft-spoken person. Shalini is always ready for new ideas and in implementing them.

Nilima Deshpande Says Marathi film actress

Shalini and Dwarka, are the most adorable couple. l know them since FY 2000. They designed clothes for my son’s wedding. They are very passionate about their work & are always trying to do more in the areas of creativity & design. Shalini is extremely creative and artistic. I wish them all the best in their new venture…

Niharika Marda says Travel Business Owner

Niharika Marda

Shalini is very social and she knows how to maintain her relationships with her family, friends, and customers. She is very friendly. At her work! She is the best and that’s my experience.

Shalini says about Khyati Birla (Khyati Birla is a ccertified personal Empowerment and Life Coach)

Khyati Birla

Khyati is very inspiring, very easy to work, enthusiastic and full of life. Khyati is a great fighter.

Shalini says about Aashish Rathi (Owner of Arena Animation Training Institute in City of Pune)

Aashish is very professional, very courteous and got apt for the industry.

Shalini says about Amrita Bagga (Amrita Bagga is a retired Professor of Pune University)

Amrita Bagga

Amritaji is a highly learned and resolved person. She is high in her experience.

Shalini says about Amruta Pravin Zanwar (Amruta work in her own printing press)

Amruta is very innocent & honest. Her faith in me inspires me to work better and better.

Shalini says about Mahima Mehra (Mahima Mehra runs her own business and social service organization)

Mahima Mehra

Mahima is very creative and she likes to discuss. Working with Mahima is a wonderful brainstorming activity.

Shalini says about Naina Hirani

Naina Hirani

Naina is a free spirit, jovial and open to experiment.

Shalini says about Rachana Lal (Rachana Lal is a lawyer)

Rachana Lal

Rachana Lal is open to experiments and believes in her designer.

Shalini says about Ruhi Berry (Ruhi Berry is HR Professional)

Ruhi Berry got all the qualities of being a designer’s muse.

Shalini says about Shobha Indani (Shobha Indani is famous Cookery Specialist & Trainer)

Shobha is simple, down to earth lady. She doesn’t interfere with the designer.

Shalini says about Manisha Bhandari (Manisha Bhandari is home maker)

Manisha Bhandari

Manisha is extremely innocent. She completely believes in her designer.

Shalini says about Chaitalie Bora (Chaitalie Bora is Interior Designer)

Chaitalie Bora

Chaitalie is very happy to go lucky girl and got the free spirit.

Shalini says about Mr. Sheetal Patil (Mr. Sheetal is a owner of educational institute & coaching)

Sheetal Patil

Mr. Sheetal Patil is a very learned person. He understands what is right training. He can identify a good trainer from the market.

Shalini says about Chhaya Pravin Parmar (Chhaya Parmar is Home maker)

Chhaya Parmar is an innocent kid in the adult body.

Shalini says about Nilima Deshpande (Nilima is Marathi film actress)

Nilima is a real artist and knows how to appreciate good art.

Shalini says about Niharika Marda (Niharika Marda is Travel Business Owner)

Niharika Marda

Niharika is very easy & no fuss personality. She is very clear about her choices. It is really enjoyable to work with her

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