Image is powerful, but image is superficial

Image is powerful, but image is superficial

You read it right!

Now think, imagine & paint in your mind.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, high heels and ramp walk!

Now you got it right now! I mean it.

Since ages, powerful, beautiful, inspiring images are used to market, beliefs, philosophies, and products to masses. An attractive image inspires people to follow.

No wonder we see reed tall and wafer-thin supermodels sashaying down the ramps, creating a sizzling desire in every female’s heart, to achieve that figure.

So much so they also provoke this desire to an extent that I have seen girls literally turning anorexic to a level where you’ll find “smeguls” (weird skinny character from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ film) around you, making you wonder why WHO (world health organization) hasn’t noticed them.

Glittering image of a beautiful tall model, immaculately dressed, with oh so perfect!

Accessories and enviable makeup so desirable to any female, it’s impossible to resist the temptation of being like them!

But, how original is this image?

As been quoted by Ms. Cameron Russel (supermodel that endorsed brands like Chanel and Victoria Secret).

See the image below.

Cameron Russel

It’s the magic of dress designed by the fashion designers, the look styled by fashion stylist, makeup by makeup artist, hair by hair stylist and above all the magic of digital tricks used by a fashion photographer.

Without these amazing touchups! It is impossible for any model to create an impact as powerful as they do.

This doesn’t end here. After this are the efforts of an entire team of great brains who rake their gray cells to develop the theme, concept, an idea to project the image in the market for the viewers.

We do get impressed by the larger than life images of models but how much we try to imitate them should depend on the fact that how close are they to reality?

So, hey beautiful! We should (definitely) get inspired because it is necessary to be attractive, fit and presentable in today’s world. No doubt about it, no escape and no compromise too.

However, as I mentioned in my earlier blog if one is able to identify the assets of one’s personality? We (myself included too and I am here to help all) will be able to work better on our own image!


I hope this second blog is useful and meaningful.

By then and see you soon and meet you.


Shalini D Mundada
Personality Influencer

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