“Fitting in” is way overrated

Fitting in is way overrated

“Fitting in” is way overrated

It is not about what size you wear. It is about how you wear your size. A secret desire of every girl or a lady on this planet is to be size “s”


Isn’t it too long to come out from the obsession of sizes?


It reminds me of a film scene from “Devil Wears Prada” where Miranda Priestly (character played by Meryl Streep) comments on Andrea “Andy” Sachs (character played by Anne Hathaway) for being irresponsible, care less and fat assistant as she is size “6” and happy girl who feels comfortable with herself. But every other character in the film tries to convince her that she is oversize. Eventually, in the latter part, she does lose her size but also her mental peace.


The model’s on-ramp and the mannequins in stores set up an ideal image to be size “0 Zero”.


Furthermore, if ever this size is endorsed by any celebrity (say our desi Indian Kareena Kapoor) then entire nation runs to find their own Rutuja Diwekars (Kareena’s nutritionist)


Thankfully the tide is changing.


A lot of fashion designers are hiring normal size models to showcase their collections and also celebrities like Kim Kardashian who celebrates their curves on social media platforms are trying to break the myths of “small is beautiful”.


Also, the present trend of unstructured styles and misfit patterns which are in fashion are boon as they suit all the body types.

Rutuja Diwekars


Look at the ancient texts and the paintings by great artist like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, etc. who glorified the beauty of female forms in curves.


Why go far?


Our own Indian literature has accepted a fuller and curvy figure as more attractive and seductive.


I really feel we need a liberation from these myths. Of course, you need a healthy body because that is the place for healthy mind.


But please come out of this obsession of “fitting in” syndrome.


“Fitting in” should be replaced by “being fit”


And whatever size you are! Embrace that with the right style that gives you a perfect look.


Here I want to mention the quote by Alexander McQueen which I firmly believe in

Alexander McQueen

This should be the focus of every designer like me.


Stop hiding your body in oversize T-Shirts (which normally a lot of people wear).

Also, stop trying to “fit” yourself “in size” smaller (which again a lot of people deliberately try).


My mantra is “I’m my favorite” should be the tagline for every individual. Expect yourself the way you are but work on the right style to create wonders for yourself.


The secret of the great style is to feel good in whatever you wear.


Love you all and meet you in the next blog with the next subject.




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