5 Style Tips That Can Make You A Fashion Diva

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5 Style Tips That Can Make You A Fashion Diva

Sometimes a girl passes by a generic face and yet grab everyone’s attention. You keep wondering that what was so extraordinary about her. Well, you do not need to always dressed with top brands, you can choose right attire with the matches to stand out of the crowd.

Here are the tips to look uniquely attractive

1. You can bid goodbye to crop tops, long shirts are new must have.

Long Shirts

2. Ditch denim, endorse sleek and stylish trousers (from high waist to ruffled, striped to gingham print, a large variety to look  for)

3. Go berserk with you sleeves styling ( flared, cuffed, lantern, double flair, tulips the list is endless) experiment with the crazy pattern in sleeves with simple cuts

4. Try checks, stripes with floral embroideries.you can also design Indian kurta in checks and stripes to get that chick indowestern look.

5. Summer dresses are back.opt for cotton, organic fabrics are better.go for ankle lengths or midis (please chuk the floor lengths)


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