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Sometimes a girl passes by a generic face and yet grab everyone’s attention. You keep wondering that what was so extraordinary about her. Well, you do not need to always dressed with top brands, you can choose right attire with the matches to stand out of the crowd.

Here are the tips to look uniquely attractive

1. You can bid goodbye to crop tops, long shirts are new must have.

Long Shirts

2. Ditch denim, endorse sleek and stylish trousers (from high waist to ruffled, striped to gingham print, a large variety to look  for)

3. Go berserk with you sleeves styling ( flared, cuffed, lantern, double flair, tulips the list is endless) experiment with the crazy pattern in sleeves with simple cuts

4. Try checks, stripes with floral can also design Indian kurta in checks and stripes to get that chick indowestern look.

5. Summer dresses are back.opt for cotton, organic fabrics are better.go for ankle lengths or midis (please chuk the floor lengths)


-Marc Jacobs

Isn’t it a fact, we do judge people by their clothes. The first strong impression of a person is his or her visual appearance.

You can tell how and what kind of work a person does through his or her clothes. I can go a step further can also tell, how a person thinks and her nature through her clothes(thanks to the years of experience I have in clothesline and personality training)

Where dress codes are there, it is to represent a company’s image, but you can create an impression of your personality through your clothes office Wear.

Designer Formal Wear

Fashion Designing


On a lighter note! Just an attire changed Cinderella from a cinder girl to a princess wannabe! Imagine the funny twist, nobody recognizes Cinderella without her fine attires and then they try to find her through shoe fitting trials!!!

Jokes apart the jinx is that it is very important to choose your right attire to present your right self. People perceive what you show them!

“Fashion has always been a repetition of ideas, but what makes it new is the way you put it together.”

                                                                                                                                                     -Carolina Herrara

Yes, you got it right!!!

Buying good clothes is a very task but to wear them in a way that it looks good on you is an art.For example, a white shirt may look very boring to few people but it can act as a very interesting canvas to paint your beautiful looks.

Tuck it in with high waist formal pants or leave it out with slim fit ankle length pants, you’ll have two distinguished looks.cherry on the cake will be to add a beautiful scarf for the vibrant look.                           

You can team your white shirt with long sheath skirt or short flared one, you can never go wrong.


You want little drama?

Wear your white shirt with bright print dhoti pants and a chunky necklace!

One single shirt you can use multiple times for various styling options to create interesting looks.

Fitting in is way overrated

It is not about what size you wear. It is about how you wear your size. A secret desire of every girl or a lady on this planet is to be size “s”


Isn’t it too long to come out from the obsession of sizes?


It reminds me of a film scene from “Devil Wears Prada” where Miranda Priestly (character played by Meryl Streep) comments on Andrea “Andy” Sachs (character played by Anne Hathaway) for being irresponsible, care less and fat assistant as she is size “6” and happy girl who feels comfortable with herself. But every other character in the film tries to convince her that she is oversize. Eventually, in the latter part, she does lose her size but also her mental peace.


The model’s on-ramp and the mannequins in stores set up an ideal image to be size “0 Zero”.


Furthermore, if ever this size is endorsed by any celebrity (say our desi Indian Kareena Kapoor) then entire nation runs to find their own Rutuja Diwekars (Kareena’s nutritionist)


Thankfully the tide is changing.


A lot of fashion designers are hiring normal size models to showcase their collections and also celebrities like Kim Kardashian who celebrates their curves on social media platforms are trying to break the myths of “small is beautiful”.


Also, the present trend of unstructured styles and misfit patterns which are in fashion are boon as they suit all the body types.

Rutuja Diwekars


Look at the ancient texts and the paintings by great artist like Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, etc. who glorified the beauty of female forms in curves.


Why go far?


Our own Indian literature has accepted a fuller and curvy figure as more attractive and seductive.


I really feel we need a liberation from these myths. Of course, you need a healthy body because that is the place for healthy mind.


But please come out of this obsession of “fitting in” syndrome.


“Fitting in” should be replaced by “being fit”


And whatever size you are! Embrace that with the right style that gives you a perfect look.


Here I want to mention the quote by Alexander McQueen which I firmly believe in

Alexander McQueen

This should be the focus of every designer like me.


Stop hiding your body in oversize T-Shirts (which normally a lot of people wear).

Also, stop trying to “fit” yourself “in size” smaller (which again a lot of people deliberately try).


My mantra is “I’m my favorite” should be the tagline for every individual. Expect yourself the way you are but work on the right style to create wonders for yourself.


The secret of the great style is to feel good in whatever you wear.


Love you all and meet you in the next blog with the next subject.




Shalini D Mundada

Personality Influencer


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You read it right!

Now think, imagine & paint in your mind.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, high heels and ramp walk!

Now you got it right now! I mean it.

Since ages, powerful, beautiful, inspiring images are used to market, beliefs, philosophies, and products to masses. An attractive image inspires people to follow.

No wonder we see reed tall and wafer-thin supermodels sashaying down the ramps, creating a sizzling desire in every female’s heart, to achieve that figure.

So much so they also provoke this desire to an extent that I have seen girls literally turning anorexic to a level where you’ll find “smeguls” (weird skinny character from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ film) around you, making you wonder why WHO (world health organization) hasn’t noticed them.

Glittering image of a beautiful tall model, immaculately dressed, with oh so perfect!

Accessories and enviable makeup so desirable to any female, it’s impossible to resist the temptation of being like them!

But, how original is this image?

As been quoted by Ms. Cameron Russel (supermodel that endorsed brands like Chanel and Victoria Secret).

See the image below.

Cameron Russel

It’s the magic of dress designed by the fashion designers, the look styled by fashion stylist, makeup by makeup artist, hair by hair stylist and above all the magic of digital tricks used by a fashion photographer.

Without these amazing touchups! It is impossible for any model to create an impact as powerful as they do.

This doesn’t end here. After this are the efforts of an entire team of great brains who rake their gray cells to develop the theme, concept, an idea to project the image in the market for the viewers.

We do get impressed by the larger than life images of models but how much we try to imitate them should depend on the fact that how close are they to reality?

So, hey beautiful! We should (definitely) get inspired because it is necessary to be attractive, fit and presentable in today’s world. No doubt about it, no escape and no compromise too.

However, as I mentioned in my earlier blog if one is able to identify the assets of one’s personality? We (myself included too and I am here to help all) will be able to work better on our own image!


I hope this second blog is useful and meaningful.

By then and see you soon and meet you.


Shalini D Mundada
Personality Influencer

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The 1st task at hand for every living human is to find out your own unique personal style and saying this is what I am, and this is what I wear. Period.


Hi, friends,


I am Mrs Shalini Dwarka Mundada and I’m here to start my blogger journey. There is so much inside me to share with you all as a reader and as a visitor to my professional website.


Before I started penning down my thoughts? I tried to find out with my dear friends and (existing) clients (spread across India), what is it that they would like to know more about fashion.


Thanks to their inputs I’m able to identify topics for my series of blog articles. Following is the first article. I hope you like it.


What is personal style?


From childhood, I always wondered how come some people are so stylish.


How come they carry themselves so confidently and with an ease that onlookers really get swayed by their presence.
When they are there! All eyes are on them.


For instance look at our very desi fashionista Sonam Kapoor.

Sonam Kapoor

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

The entire nation is in awe of her style. She has a unique sense of dressing.


Unlike other celebrities whose outfits shouts about their label. Sonam’s outfits just speak of Sonam.


Her free spirit, bold attitude, and tremendous confidence.


Internationally I’m impressed by Kate Middleton’s style.

Kate Middleton

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

She is a royal, but her dressing shows her grounded attitude with oodles of confidence and strength of her personality.


Another one who inspires me is Amal Alammudin Clooney.

Amal Alammudin

 This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

She may be a celebrity wife of George Clooney but she knows her style, be it a formal meeting as human rights lawyer or a gala event.
She is always dressed to express what she is as a person and not a celebrity’s arm candy.

This got me to thinking that I know myself then why my style should represent some designer.

My outfit should speak about me.

Like everybody else, I am also gifted with a unique body, features and looks then why I ape somebody.
Why not have my own unique style which should be a tribute to my unique personality.


I request the reader to share their point of view.
If liked? Comment.
If not? Still comment.


Write in comments about the subjects you would like to know more from a fashion perspective and I will make an attempt to address them using this blog.


I conclude my first post alias blog on fashion with the promise to come back again with a different topic and subject.


Till then,


With lots of love and respect,

Shalini D Mundada
Influencing Personality


Do share and spread if liked.


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