Shalini Says

Shalini says about Khyati Birla (Khyati Birla is a ccertified personal Empowerment and Life Coach)

Khyati Birla

Khyati is very inspiring, very easy to work, enthusiastic and full of life. Khyati is a great fighter.

Shalini says about Aashish Rathi (Owner of Arena Animation Training Institute in City of Pune)

Aashish is very professional, very courteous and got apt for the industry.

Shalini says about Amrita Bagga (Amrita Bagga is a retired Professor of Pune University)

Amrita Bagga

Amritaji is a highly learned and resolved person. She is high in her experience.

Shalini says about Amruta Pravin Zanwar (Amruta work in her own printing press)

Amruta is very innocent & honest. Her faith in me inspires me to work better and better.

Shalini says about Mahima Mehra (Mahima Mehra runs her own business and social service organization)

Mahima Mehra

Mahima is very creative and she likes to discuss. Working with Mahima is a wonderful brainstorming activity.

Shalini says about Naina Hirani

Naina Hirani

Naina is a free spirit, jovial and open to experiment.

Shalini says about Rachana Lal (Rachana Lal is a lawyer)

Rachana Lal

Rachana Lal is open to experiments and believes in her designer.

Shalini says about Ruhi Berry (Ruhi Berry is HR Professional)

Ruhi Berry got all the qualities of being a designer’s muse.

Shalini says about Shobha Indani (Shobha Indani is famous Cookery Specialist & Trainer)

Shobha is simple, down to earth lady. She doesn’t interfere with the designer.

Shalini says about Manisha Bhandari (Manisha Bhandari is home maker)

Manisha Bhandari

Manisha is extremely innocent. She completely believes in her designer.

Shalini says about Chaitalie Bora (Chaitalie Bora is Interior Designer)

Chaitalie Bora

Chaitalie is very happy to go lucky girl and got the free spirit.

Shalini says about Mr. Sheetal Patil (Mr. Sheetal is a owner of educational institute & coaching)

Sheetal Patil

Mr. Sheetal Patil is a very learned person. He understands what is right training. He can identify a good trainer from the market.

Shalini says about Chhaya Pravin Parmar (Chhaya Parmar is Home maker)

Chhaya Parmar is an innocent kid in the adult body.

Shalini says about Nilima Deshpande (Nilima is Marathi film actress)

Nilima is a real artist and knows how to appreciate good art.

Shalini says about Niharika Marda (Niharika Marda is Travel Business Owner)

Niharika Marda

Niharika is very easy & no fuss personality. She is very clear about her choices. It is really enjoyable to work with her

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