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Hi, I am Mrs Shalini Dwarka Mundada.

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I was born in Jodhpur ( Rajasthan ~ One of the states located in Greater India) and brought up in Delhi ( Capital of Greater India).

I not only excelled in academics (both at school and in college) but also nurtured and unconsciously unleashed my creativity in various ways (specifically partial towards fabrics).

I completed my studies in history honours and moved to Pune after getting married to Mr Dwarka Mundada in FY 1994.

My husband runs his own garment business by the name Pankaj Creations. Our family is in fabric business for last 40 years. We have a good manufacturing base and we supply all over India.

It was a good opportunity for me to pursue my creative instincts, so I started my fashion designing career from my husband’s office only.

My actual journey started when I exhibited the wedding trousseau which I designed for my sister in law.

It was the time when I met Ms Ritika Ramitri, (then the reporter working with Times of India), who wrote a beautiful article, “My best friend’s wedding featuring my collection, shot by Mr. Harpreet Baccher.

This published article in Times of India opened the doors for me to new contacts, new business opportunities and the journey started and it is still on.

Above is a short description.

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Mrs. Shalini Dwarka Mundada

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