Engineering Personality

Engineering Personality

Engineering Personality

When somebody compliments me and says the outfit is looking extraordinary! I never felt proud of it. I always took those words as praise for my outfit and not for me and that’s the time I realized that fashion is needed by everyone and not only by celebrities.

Fashion is not at all buying expensive outfits.

Fashion goes beyond anyone can think, imagine & paint.

A small cut in an outfit or a small change in the length of the sleeve or a trouser length or a salwar length can create an inspiring impact.

Right fashion can create a great difference. It brings confidence & a power.

Confidence & power changes the human personality.

I’m passionate about fashion.

As a fashion designer, I want to see every woman on this planet powerful, courageous and confident.

As of now, I have helped more than 500+ global women in fashion and I want to help more.

Do you want to know more how fashion gives you power, courage & confidence?

Let’s communicate.